Embracing Life, Adventure, and the Sea.

Coastal or open water rowing, is recreational rowing along the coast or in rougher inland waters. Combining fitness with exploration, coastal rowing shares similarities with mountain biking, adding an element of adventure and unpredictability while maintaining the precision and technique of olympic level sculling. We have found the boats made by LiteBoat are excellent for this type of rowing. You can view the full range of boats they offer by going to

Coastal Rowing

Versatile, stable, and robust the LiteSport series features the most stable boats, suitable for any type of water. Featuring a powerful shell design and high quality fittings, this boat is an ideal choice for all rowers from beginners to experts.

River/Calm Water Rowing

Designed at the request of river and lake rowers, who wanted a very light boat that was more stable than the Olympic shells. The LiteRiver series is engineered to row fast on flat water without compromising stability.

Performance Racing

The LiteRace series is designed for coastal rowing competition and are FISA standard. Narrow and stable, the hydrodynamic designs allow rowers to maintain the same technique as a river racing boat without sacrificing performance.