Coastal Rowing

Versatile, stable and robust the LiteSport series features the most stable boats, suitable for any type of water. Featuring a powerful shell design and high quality fittings, this boat is a robust choice for all rowers from beginners to experts.


LiteSPort 1x

The LiteSport 1X is the first boat in our range and the most stable. Very versatile, stable and robust this boat is suitable for any type of water whether on the sea, river or lake.

Featuring a powerful form of shell and high quality fittings, this boat is designed for 55 to 286 lbs rowers. Comfortable and safe, this boat is for all rowers beginners or experts, children or adults.


LiteSport 2x

This is a version of the LiteSport 1X designed for two rowers. A lightweight boat, comfortable, stable and strong. Whatever type of water: sea, river or lake, the LiteSport 2X is great for social rowing. This boat is equipped with large space for storing equipment (picnic or camping). It is also possible to use the LiteSport 2X for solo rowers wishing to go on expeditions with lots of equipment.



This boat is a lighter version of LiteSport 1X designed for people who weigh less than 188 lbs. It combines lightweight rowing comfort, stability and speed. With The LiteSport, it’s the most stable of the range, this boat is particularly suitable for rowers who travel with their boat, whatever type of water: sea, river or lake. Using innovative, high-quality fittings designed and developed by Liteboat to combine comfort, practicality and robustness.