River/Calm Water Rowing

Designed at the request of river and lake rowers, a very lightweight boat that is more stable than the Olympic shells. The LiteRiver series is engineered to row fast on flat water without compromising stability.



This boat was designed at the request of river and lake rowers, who wanted a very lightweight boat with more stability than the Olympic shells in their clubs. The LiteRiver, is a boat designed to row fast on flat water and to glide faster than all other boats in the range.

It is designed for both leisure rowing for beginners and for experienced rowers looking for speed. This is the lightest boat in our range. This boat is available in two versions depending on the weight of the rower: The standard version is for rowers from 88 to 165 lbs and the L version (NEW 2016) for rowers from 154 to 242 lbs.



This boat is designed for easy use by novices, touring (large space for luggage) and competition crews. It is one of the only gig-boats that could be used for either sculling or sweep rowing, with interchangeable riggers (change done in five minutes).

Thanks to its state of the art full carbon construction, the LiteQuattro feels, behaves and performs like a cross between a 4X+ and a traditional gig-boat. It is exceptionally stiff due to the use of an internal carbon longitudinal beam structure and with a longer and more comfortable cockpit, it allows rowers to relax and enjoy the boat and work on their technique. This boat, like the LiteRiver, is for inland and calm water rowing.