Performance Racing

The LiteRace series is designed for coastal rowing competition and are FISA standard. Narrow and stable, the hydrodynamic designs allow rowers to maintain the same technique as a river racing boat without sacrificing performance. 


LiteRace 1x

The LiteRace 1X was designed for coastal rowing competition. Narrow and stable, it’s designed for all types of seas, and it is very enjoyable on calm waters thanks to its exceptional glide. This model is the latest new design by Sam Manuard. The LiteRace 1X (2017) holds the best course in the up-winds, being stiffer than the original version that has sold over 80 boats. The rigidity was increased by the addition of reinforcements and carbon bulkheads. The weight of this boat is around 77 lbs to fit FISA standards but it is also available in 61 lb version.


LiteRace 2x

This boat fits the FISA requirements for sea rowing competitions. We built a hull that is both stable and fast. The stiffness of the vessel is ensured by longitudinal carbon reinforcements and carbon bulkheads. To increase the speed, we have installed a wing rigger system, stiffer than folding ones.


LiteRace 4x

The latest addition to the Liteboat range, this boat meets FISA specifications for coastal rowing competitions in four. Its hydrodynamic design created by Sam Manuard ensures the stability necessary for coastal rowing while allowing the rowers to keep the same technique as on a river racing boat.

The boat can be adjusted to the physiognomy and level of each rower to ensure maximum comfort: height, center distance, cap, adjustment of the foot stretchers (height, inclination, distance).

It's liftable dagger allows the boat to gain speed and ensures a very quick and easy maneuver of the boat for buoy turns.